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Dave Marancik, DVM, PHD, CERTAQVET

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My Story

Dr. David Marancik is a Professor of Aquatic Animal Medicine and Director of the Aquatic Animal Medicine Research Laboratory at the Department of Pathobiology. He completed his DVM from Iowa State University and later earned a PhD in aquatic pathology from the University of Georgia after working in small animal practice. He completed a fellowship at the National Center for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture before managing diagnostic laboratory and veterinary services at Fish Vet Group-U.S.


At SGU, Dr. Marancik teaches veterinary pathology and aquatic animal medicine courses, and his research focuses on exploring biomarkers of disease, infectious disease pathogenesis, and improving disease surveillance and diagnostics in aquatic animals. With a specific interest in pathology and immunology of aquatic animals, he aims to contribute to the development of sustainable aquaculture practices.

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